What is KevSchool?

KevSchool.org is an upcoming nonprofit whose goal is to create and maintain free educational resources on the Internet.

What is this website?

The KevSchool List of Educational Web Searches is the first project by KevSchool.org. It consists of a list of educational topics that can be searched for on the Internet.

The purpose is to inspire people to learn about topics that they wouldn't otherwise think to search for.

This is a very simple app, but can be very educational. Over time, many more topics and categories will be added.

Who created KevSchool?

KevSchool.org was created by Kevin Verre.

How can I suggest new categories or search topics?

To suggest topics to be added to the list, please contact Kevin. One way you can do that now is to tweet at him on Twitter @KevinVerre

Isn't this idea really dumb? Or too simple? It's just a list of terms meant to inspire people to learn about them on their own. I doubt anyone would ever use this...

Although the project is quite simple, I think it could be a very valuable resource. By visiting here, you might spend some time learning about a topic that you otherwise wouldn't research. Or you might discover some new topics that you've never heard of. Even though it is basically just a list of topics to research or learn about, a really good list of topics can be a very good educational resource.

What is the theme of this website? Is it for general knowledge? Or for computer science and software engineering?

For now, I have some categories be general knowledge with an emphasis on what is useful or interesting. I also have categories and lots of topics related to software engineering. Simply because I've worked as a software engineer and know a lot of good topics for other software engineers to study.

Maybe later I will split it up into two different websites, one for general knowledge and one for computer programming.

Why are you so interested in online educational resources?

I really like helping people learn things. I'm excited to see what new educational resources become popular online in the future.

How was KevSchool.org made?

I wrote the HTML and JavaScript for the site. I used the Bootstrap and jQuery libraries. The list of categories and all of the topics in each category are stored in a JavaScript object. When the page loads, a function goes through all of the text strings in that object to generate the links on the page. The links point to Google's search results page with a query parameter (called "q"). The search query value is the text I want to search for on Google, encoded using the encodeURI JavaScript function. I host the website using GitHub pages.

You can see the code by Right-clicking on that page and choosing "View Page Source".